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Innovation and Manufacturing Solutions

You know where you want to go. We can help you get there. We offer the best possible solutions by utilizing a full range of experienced industry experts to advise, plan, and implement unique winning strategies. 

We provide Automation Consulting and Equipment Solutions.  Our team has accomplished what others said couldn't be done.  This sucess comes by building relationships with our customers so that together we can bring the best solution to your company.  

Our partners offer innovative solutions through prototypes, proof of principle equipment and full automation systems.  Our Program Management specialists ensure technical, financial, and schedule goals are met.


Our Results Speak For Themselves


Industrial Automation Advocates answer these questions:

What are our true production requirements?

Should we sub-contract or utilize internal manufacturing?

What type of equipment meets our requirements?

Do we need to automate or use a manual solution?

Who is the best supplier for the equipment?

Can we get a preliminary budget and timeline?

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Project Management drives the success of every Industrial Automation project.

Do you have an achievable plan for your project?

Are the schedule and budget feasible?

Will it meet your business needs to get your product to market?

Do you have enough of the right resources?

Business Meeting


Our Team provides Automation Consulting and a full complement of Automation Solutions. 

*  What are your true automation requirements?

*  How will you decide it is a fair value?

We will help you determine the following:

  • Identify true equipment needs and dates.

  • Establish equipment and process specifications.

  • Identify areas of risk and suggest mitigation strategies.

  • Create prototypes and proof of principles for critical processes.

  • Provide references and quotes for Automation equipment.

  • Review Automation quotes and concepts.

  • With our partners we can supply your automation needs.

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Case Study

We recently partnered with RED Engineering to supply equipment for Ingram Content Group.

Features of the equipment:​

  • Packages up to 300 boxes an hour

  • 6-axis robot to erect and place box

  • (6) box feeding assemblies

  • In-feed assembly to present package

  • Insertion assembly to transfer the package into the box

  • Label print and apply 

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